We Realise Our Mission When Customers Trust Our Food

P.A. Food is committed to meeting the highest global food safety standards for all our customers. Our dedicated quality assurance team is a key ingredient to our success, with every production line leader requiring at least 10 years of experience.

Who We Are

Adhering to the Latest in
Global Food Safety Standards

Practice Makes Perfect

We carry out extensive quality control training for all existing and new staff members, to ensure effective prevention of biological, chemical and physical food hazards.

Always Evolving to Meet the Latest Standards

With regular guideline updates, external audits and internal reviews, we are constantly adapting and evolving our quality practices, from the selection and audit of raw materials, production, processing and distribution. These procedures form the spearhead of P.A. Food’s quality systems and standards.

Our Core Food Safety Principles

Despite an ever-changing food safety landscape, P.A. Food identifies and prioritizes the following food safety principles:

  • All critical control points must be risk assessed, monitored, and evaluated.
  • To prevent, identify, correct, and record all deviations from food safety standards.
  • Ensure products are without contamination when leaving our factory and are safe for human consumption.
  • To continually maintain these standards through routine checks and reviews.

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