Roti Pratha / Paratha

Roti Pratha / Paratha

The simple but flavourful paratha (or ‘pratha’) is a traditional Indian breakfast and teatime snack and one of our best sellers. Paratha goes well both savoury and sweet flavours. ‘Paratha’ literally means ‘layers of cooked dough’ and it’s this layering of dough which gives paratha its unique taste and texture.

Enjoyed and adapted by many throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysian paratha is a unique mix of flakey crunch and buttery softness. The taste balances between the sweetness of the sugar and saltiness of the butter.

Preparation of our frozen paratha is convenient and fast. There’s no need to defrost, and it requires no added oil for cooking.

Paratha’s versatility means it can be used in countless ways. Whether it’s part of a healthy wrap, pizza base or pie crust, it only takes a few minutes cooking to fill your stomach and fulfil your craving. And to add the cooking possibilities, we have a wide variety of paratha to suit everyone’s preference.

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