Frozen Food and Pastry
for Every Taste

With a rich cultural mix of people and food, there’s a dish for every taste in Malaysia and flavours that are uniquely Malaysian. A true home for Asian fusion.

Our journey began with our humble frozen steam bun, and over the years our product range has grown to include a vast variety of delicious Malaysian frozen foods. Made from carefully curated ingredients from near and far, we now have a variety of Asian flatbreads, pastry snacks, sauces, and a lot more for you to enjoy.

  • PA Flatbread
    Filled, folded, layered or rolled; flatbreads of all types can be enjoyed day or night in the ‘Mamaks’ of Malaysia. Now available for a global audience.
  • PA Steamed Bun
    Lovingly steamed and frozen for convenience, enjoyed by all generations and cultures as part of a meal or as a quick bite.
  • PA Finger Food
    Bite-size snacks or appetisers that are an ideal choice for any occasion, whether it be fun-filled parties or heartwarming gatherings.
  • PA Dim Sum
    Dim Sum is a collection of savoury and sweet mini dishes originating from China. Best enjoyed by Malaysians in the company of family and friends.
  • UPastry
    Easy and fun flat pastry for creating delicious dishes of your own, at home.
  • Microwave Series
    Savour the flavour of authentic Malaysian dishes when time is short or energy is low.

    Microwave Series

    Savour the flavour of an authentic Malaysian dish when time is short, or energy is low. These easy and convenient meals are ready after a few minutes in the microwave oven.

    Our microwave series offers busy consumers with convenient, healthy, and delicious microwavable meals themed around some of Malaysia’s favourite flavours.

    Microwave Flatbread
  • Pau Ahmad
    Our original brand and where we got our reputation for authenticity and quality. Pau Ahmad continues to serve Malaysian consumers.

    My First Pau. Est 1985.

    Pau Ahmad brings you the taste of traditional steamed buns (known locally as Pau) and dim sum. Produced with certified halal cooking practices and catering to local taste. We take great pride in being the first-ever producers of the halal Pau in Malaysia.

    Targeted at the price-sensitive Muslim consumers; available in the bustling canteens, food courts and public spaces of Malaysia.

    With a logo based on the distinctive shape of the Pau, our reputation grew in the local Muslim communities we originally served. It was also in those communities where the brand name ‘Pau Ahmad’ was born. You can find Pau Ahmad products in supermarkets, food stalls and canteens across Malaysia.

    Pau/Steam Bun Mini Pau/Steam Bun Siew Mai Local Delights
  • Dapur Kitchen
    Authentic, Malaysian cooking paste with flavours as rich and diverse as its kitchens.

    As Rich as Malaysia’s Kitchens

    Dapur Kitchen captures the flavours and aromas of Malaysia; a true melting pot of south-east Asian food cultures. Providing you with authentic and delicious meals, stress-free and ready in minutes.

    Made from all-natural ingredients without compromising on authenticity. This is also why our products are frozen. Not only for your convenience but to ensure we could keep out the artificial nasties.

    Many lack the time, knowledge and ingredients necessary to cook authentic south-east Asian cuisine. So we went ahead and did all the hard work for you. Both in ingredient curation and cooking preparation. Leaving you only a few simple steps to a delicious and authentic home-cooked meal.

    Heat and Serve Concentrate Cooking Paste

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